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Wow! What an amazing festival it was - around 80 people connected in love and openness. We had laughter, tears, sexiness, compassion, vulnerability, joy, sadness, amazing talent in our cabaret and the joy of embracing the many ways that queer spirituality and tantra open up for us.  Thank you to everyone that was a part of making this festival what it was. You are all amazing x

The next summer festival will be Tuesday 25th - Sunday 30th August 2015.  We may well also have even more events between now and then - subscribe to our mail list to be the first to know the details!

A welcome place for ...
Queers, Straights, Gays, Trans folk, Bisexuals, Sex therapists, Multisexuals, Sexual explorers, Heterosexuals, Pansexuals, Lesbians, Homosexuals, Dykes, Intersex, Liberated, Poofs, Open Hearted, Faeries,
Bois, Transgendered, Questioners, Sex workers, Bi-Gendered, Genderqueer, Transsexuals, Curious people, Open Minded ...

logo Summer festival is
25-30 August 2015

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