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2014 Festival

Wow! What an amazing festival it was - around 80 people connected in love and openness. We had laughter, tears, sexiness, compassion, vulnerability, joy, sadness, amazing talent in our cabaret and the joy of embracing the many ways that queer spirituality and tantra open up for us.

Thank you to everyone that was a part of making this festival what it was. You are all amazing x

All people shown here have given their consent to appear in these photos



Here is the great band that played for us one night...




Fluid and flowing!  Never lonely or rejected.  Respected and felt my Goddess being reflected back to me.  The most comfortable and juicy space me; a man who loves to be a woman, has ever been so fortunate to live in for five sensual and wholly fulfilling days.  Home now and I am bliss.

The space created at Quintasensual was very special in many ways.  I have been at few tantra festivals before, but never felt so safe, accepted and appreciated.  Feel very honoured that I had the opportunity to be part of it.  It is hard to describe, but all the beautiful beings at the festival created the family which fully embraced every single member and accepted them the way they truly are; no expectations, no conditioning, just pure unconditional love and queerness everywhere around.

Why I chose this festival I don't know but it hit the spot.

I would never have believed that in my lifetime I'd find myself comfortably nakedly, vulnerably feeling so safe and accepted in the sexual expression of my bi-gendered nature (feminine bisexuality and masculine active/passive gay sexuality), in the company of such a deliciously diverse and perfectly harmonious crowd of kinky queers.  I believe this festival represents an amazing evolutionary step in the growth of queer conscious connectedness!  Ta very much to Buzzy, the gang of dedicated tantric-god facilitators and the participants.  A beautiful illustration of how, when the walls of our LGBT boxes are gently dismantled, we can discover ourselves to be more (divinely) similar than different.

Quintasensual is a space for deep exploration, open-hearted connections, joyful self-expression and the promotion of total self-acceptance - whatever your gender, background, or sexuality.  If you want a festival that will take you out of old-world limitations and into new-world celebrations this the space for you!

This festival was a blast from start to finish.  There was a great deal of sensuous pleasure: I enjoyed going sky clad and there was lots of lovely touch.  I discovered a diversity of new people and learned more about how I relate.  I got closer to my partner, which was wonderful.  There were ups as well as downs because these were real life experiences, not some alternative Disneyland.  We came home glowing!

This has been the festival that I've been looking for!  Truly welcoming gender- and orientation- diversity.  Celebrating who we are.  Creating a very special community.  And having great fun!  I'm so glad I came!

I left on a cloud of peace, love and appreciation.  We created a space of support and tenderness where we could express freely and show our true loving selves.

A safe accepting space in which freely and respectfully to engage with other people.

Come into your breathing and being Present.

Thank you for creating this wonderful space - I have finally found a place where I can be myself.

This is the best festival I have ever been to - and I've been to a lot!  I've never come away from a festival feeling transformed before.  The chance to just be myself in terms of sexuality, (dis)ability and gender, without feeling any need to explain or apologise for the areas where I don't fit into neat categories, was valuable.  Being around a whole host of others who also didn't fit into neat categories - and learning from these people - was even more valuable.  My mind was a bit blown, all in all.

Quintasensual is a world on its own, while being completely in touch with everything around us.  It's spiritual with a hands-on approach, gentle with as much roughness as you please, accessible and in depth, and inclusive to all who wish to join.

Wonderful, thank you very much, looking forward to next year.

Buzzy did an amazing job getting this unique and ground-breaking Festival going.  Never before has there been such a Tantra Festival for such a diverse mix of folk.  There were folks from all colours of the sexuality and gender preference rainbow.  Everyone was happy to mix and mingle, most age groups were represented and any differences in lifestyle or outlook were quickly merged.

Quintasensual a bubble of excitement, growth, sensual interactions.  A high quality, varied and packed programme, amazing food and a crowd of all sorts of queers.  I highly recommend it!


There will be a summer festival in 2015 and maybe even more than just that - subscribe to our mail list to be the first to know the details!

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