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Tantra Sexuality Spirituality Meditation Celebration

A festival that acknowledges and celebrates the diversity of humanity, that embraces the multiple possibilities of sexuality and physicality.   A place that has love at its heart.

Creativity Expression Love

venuelocationStunning location in beautiful Somerset

Beautiful workshop rooms, blissful gardens and outdoor spaces including a sacred tree circle and magical grove located within the ‘temenos’ (sacred enclosure) of Avalon.

Queer Gay Bisexual Hetrosexual Trans Pansexual

Creating space for you to truly be yourself through expression, openness, connection and play.  Leave labels behind and let your divinity shine and your heart sing!

Straight  Everyone!

foodfood by joAmazing Food

Wonderful vegetarian / vegan food prepared with love and passion by FoodByJo. All main meals included for the festival - breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Café also available for snacking and chatting!

Yoga Mindfulness Kink Meditation Breathwork Tantra

Each day there will be a selection of workshops for you to choose from covering a wide range of topics. Indulge your passions! Learn some new ones! Share the vibes!

Dancing Love

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A queer tantra festival that truly explores what tantra and queerness mean.  If you think tantra is not for you; if you think you are not queer, please do look over these pages as we believe that queer tantra is really just another way of saying "a celebration of life" !

The festival is taking places at the Earth Spirit Centre, nestled in beautiful surroundings in Somerset and we will be filling the venue with connection, acceptance, love and exploration. We celebrate tantra and sacred sexuality by embracing the magnificent diversity of sexualities, genders, bodies, sexual preferences and beliefs.  In this festival we welcome everyone. Phrases such as 'gender balanced', 'women only workshop', 'exploration of masculine energy-men only' and so on will have no meaning here. Love and acceptance are the driving forces. We have a wonderful mix of workshops, activities, connection, and fun! 

This festival is Queer* which means open to everyone, queer or not!

This is going to be an amazing festival created by amazing people with amazing workshops and attended by amazing participants!

If you have any questions please do look at the FAQ or Contact Us


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