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Quintasensual teamQuintasensual started in 2014 driven by a feeling that, although there were tantra festivals around, none of them really seemed to ‘get’ non-binary, which was quite paradoxical when you consider that tantra is very much about how we all have different energies and can play, merge and connect with them in many combinations, not just two.

Over the years Quintasensual grew and learned, and last year was perhaps a pinnacle, showing how team work and learning could create a wonderous queer event.

Yet, as many of you know, although my energies were very much intermingled with the festival, it was quite testing for me due to health challenges.

As someone that tries to look on the optimistic side and has the joy of being a little impatient at times, I had hoped that my health would soon be ‘all sorted and perfect’, but now I realise that, although my journey does feel like it’s heading forward in a good way, I really do need to focus on just that journey of healing right now.

I am so indebted to the amazing team that co-created Quintasensual with me last year, but even with their magnificent work I realise that as I am unable to give any energy to support them, it isn’t realistic to be able to hold the festival this year.

I am sending this message with mixed feelings and energies in my heart – sadness as I have been so amazed at the love, support and healing that has come out of Quintasensual over the years and I know so many people have been looking forward to it. But also, I hold love of myself and others and realise that the cancelling of the festival is a positive thing in it’s own way.

I have chatted with the team and both them and I do feel that Quintasensual, amazing though it has been, is now at a point where it feels it is asking to evolve.  What that evolution entails, I do not know, nor do I know how it will happen.

However, letting go of what I started feels like an important step for me.  In practical terms, this means that last year now can be said to have been the last Quintasensual festival.

Perhaps there are people out there already in a position to align with the flowing energy that first guided me to create a queer/inclusive festival and tantra, spirituality and sacred sexuality. Perhaps it will take a longer time. Whatever happens I know that self-care for me, and I’m sure for others, is where my energy is focused for now.

If you have already booked, I will be sorting out full refunds for you over the coming week or so, but it may take a little while, so I hope you will be understanding that I will endeavour to process as quickly as I am able.

With much love and gratitude for all the wonderful support, love, energy and understanding I have received from you all.

Buzzy Cnayl x


Quintasensual seeks to promote and encourage spirituality, sexuality and tantra that encompasses "queerness" but also is inclusive to all.





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