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UPDATE, 1 JUN 2018: Important Announcement:

Quintasensual 2018 is now going ahead! (Dates: 4 - 9 August 2018)

We are delighted and excited right now; firstly to have Buzzy Cnayl's blessing in taking Quintasensual 2018 forward and secondly to bring you a fifth year of ‘Coming Home’ where you are accepted, encouraged and loved in being who and how you are; regardless of sameness and difference in a loving, supportive, safe, and sexy space.

Quintasensual is evolving and as such it will be slightly different than previous years. This time we are holding a more co-created gathering offering a maximum of two programmed workshops per day with space for spontaneous offerings to occur.

We aim to keep this an affordable event and would like to offer a 2-tier pricing structure:

  Camping Glamping Dorm Shared bath En-suite
Tier 1 £ 375 £406 £420 £440 £460
Tier 2 £ 390 £425 £450 £475 £500

To book your place for Quintasensual 2018:

  1. Please send an email to with your name, postal address inc. postcode, and phone number.
  2. Also please state your choice of accommodation: camping, glamping, dorm, twin room with shared bathroom, or twin room with en-suite bathroom, and price tier (please note tier 1 numbers are of limited availability).
  3. Please also tell us what gender you'd prefer to share with (not applicable to dorm or camping bookings) and what gender you identify as (so we can arrange the room sharing).
  4. Please make sure you include any dietary requirements or allergies and the severity of those (life-threatening, severe intolerance, mild intolerance etc.).
  5. If you have attended Quintasensual before and have a particular room preference, please state your 1st and 2nd preference (we will aim to accommodate that but it may not always be possible).
  6. And if you wish to add any optional donation to your booking to support Quintasensual.

After we receive your email and check availability we will send you a reply with the payment details in order to complete your booking.

We apologise for the low-tech approach. Please bear with us during this transitional period.

The Quintasensual 2018 team

Tom/Swallow, Quinky/Sidtsara, and Rosie


Quintasensual seeks to promote and encourage spirituality, sexuality and tantra that encompasses "queerness" but also is inclusive to all.





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