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The ticket bursary fund will allow some people to attend the 2017 festival who otherwise wouldn't be able to due to limited financial resources.  Details of how the bursary will work will be announced once we have built up funds but will effectively require people to submit a small application for some or part of ticket costs to be covered by the fund.

Having dancing / disco nights are a key part of the Quintasensual experience, however the venue has over the years had to tighten their noise control which means now we can't really make any noise after 9:30pm, so late night dancing is not going to be possible...



Silent discoI love the concept of a "silent disco" - if you haven't come across these before, the idea is that everyone puts on wireless headphones and then gets to hear and dance to the music.  So to outsiders it's silent, but to people in the event it can be as loud as each person wants to set their volume!

Even more fun is that it can be possible to offer more than one channel, so some people may be dancing to techno whilst others choose the 80's disco option for example!


I'm looking to buy a kit that will allow me to offer silent disco's at Quintasensual and then also at other events, so if you love this idea also, please do make a donation to the fund.

As a thank-you, I will mention your name on the Quintasensual website and also in the printed 2017 programme (you can be anon. if you prefer.)

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