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A Hermitude Interlude

Come take some time out to creatively reassess, reorient and utilize community to connect deeper to yourself. Artist and sexological bodyworker Tessa Wills invites you to find your own Hermit practice in this workshop where we will design creative practices that deeply nourish us, inspired by the Hermit archetype. The Hermit project started in 2013, and is a queer creative resilience participatory art project: a queer reformulation of retreat with tactics of hermitude. Reckoning with the underlying question of how to positively utilize the impact on our lives of political/social/economic stresses and strains, particularly as they relate to our interior worlds through aesthetics. Cultivate your creative energy and discern who it belongs to and where to send it. Hermit Practice is an process that guards against erasure of your creative practice, and fertilizes private dream worlds as part of an arsenal of resistance. Hermit practice cultivates creative practice is a part of your suite of activities for resilience and resistance, to support transformation into something uncatchable, unfathomable, wild, personal and interpersonal. This is how you bring glitter to a knife fight. Maybe this is how you confound the game, and follow your own path instead. We will do some work together and once you are inspired, you will leave to do your hermit practice. We will regroup and debrief at the end, capturing what of this project can resource you in your day to day life. Queer Hermits sent me this feedback from the last project:

“this is exactly the medicine we need right now”    “I now remember there is magic in the world and i am a part of that magic”    “I leave feeling conscious. I choose aloneness, not loneliness”

Led by Tessa

An Introduction to Otherworld Journeys

Have you ever wanted to visit spirit worlds, meet your guides and receive direct guidance and healing?

The Shamanic Journey is an ancient ecstatic technique in which, by riding the sound of a drum, one can transcend ordinary reality and experience Otherworlds in order to gain insight, knowledge and healing.

This experiential workshop will introduce the theory and technology of Shamanic Journeying, and offer a safe space for your own journey to unfold.

This technique is open to everyone regardless of spiritual belief or religious path. No previous experience is necessary; all that you need is an open mind.

Benjamin can also facilitate, and drum for, spaces in which to journey, with little or no teaching – for those who wish to practice the technique.    Led by Benjamin

An Introvert's Guide to the Orgy

A lightly held space in which to explore how the introverted, shy, inexperienced and awkward can successfully access and navigate sex positive spaces, play parties, and orgies.


* A sharing circle to voice and explore our experiences, fears, boundaries, desires and hopes

* Affirmations that introversion/shyness is not a “problem” to be fixed and is as valid and welcome as any other personal trait.

* An exercise in discovering/uncovering our desires and what is stopping us from acting on them.

* An exploration of active consent – how to ask for what we want, how to respond gracefully to the answer, how to respond to requests for play from a place of truth.

* A ritual to honour our timid or introverted selves, and to set an intention to compassionately push our boundaries in pursuit of our desires.

Led by Benjamin

Cuddle Soiree

Wouldn't it be great if we could express ourselves through touch without the pressure to be sexual? Come into a warm, boundaried, clothes-on space where you can give and receive to your heart's content. Led by Belle

Death Café

Death Cafe is a place to talk about death openly and safely, over tea and cake. Weather allowing, we will have a beautiful grove of trees available to us for this session.

Death Café was founded in 2011 by Jon Underwood based on the work of Bernard Crettaz. ( There are now Death Cafes happening all over the world. Rather than bereavement support or grief counselling, it's an opportunity for discussion of this often taboo subject in a confidential held space. Led by Belle

Ecstatic Skin – Clothing Optional Ecstatic Dance Ritual

This two-hour ritual of free-flow movement offers a safe, sacred, and permissive space to sink deeply and deliciously into your own body, and explore just how fully and joyfully you can inhabit your own skin.

The session will begin with an opening circle and a clothed guided warm-up – after which you are invited to drop as many layers of clothing as feel necessary for you to release the inhibitions that no longer serve you, and liberate the wild love that you are.

 Experience dance as an expression of radical self-love, and a portal into tribe. Open to the beauty blazing in yourself and your fellow dancers; surrender to the beat; and, at last, simply let yourself be.    Led by Rowan

Empowered Submission

Wouldn’t it be lovely if dominants could read our minds? Well, the truth is: they can. If only we submissives would speak our minds.

In this workshop you will explore your own desires and learn how to communicate them to your partner. What is it that you really want? How do you put that into words? How do we as submissives take our responsibility for a scene, and make those scenes much more satisfactory for everyone involved?

Come and learn about your desires, boundaries and how to speak them in order to become an empowered submissive.

This workshop is open to anyone willing to explore their submissive side, regardless of the role they usually take in a scene.    Led by Rosie Heart

Kinky Magic Love Puja

A Puja is an honouring ceremony inspired by similar rituals in the Hindu tradition that has been embraced by western tantra explorers.

This is a fun-filled ritual journey around a circle where we get to meet each other and spend a few moments in sacred space together. This is a round-robin style celebration of all that is erotic using fun & playful kinky techniques. If anyone thinks kinky love-moves can't be spiritual then they owe it to themselves to come to this amazing ritual.

Led by Seani Love

Liminal Skin - The Art of Erotic Shapeshifting

Expand your erotic horizons and deepen your pleasure potential in this taste of the art of Erotic Shapeshifting.

This session introduces genital shapeshifting, and uses breathwork, energy, journeying into the body, and partnered play to transform the boundaries of your erotic self.

Grab a partner you would like to be energetically intimate with, and join us for an afternoon of moving beyond the confines of your skin, and opening up to new possibilities for intimacy and play.    Led by Rowan

Love Yoga

Start your morning with some amazing yoga - perhaps unlike any yoga you have experienced before!

Love's Magic

It is open to people who did not attend the introductory workshop however those who did may be more attuned to it and receive more from it.  It is clothing optional and, weather being kind, some or all of it may be outside.

We will seek to advance our awareness and consciousness of:

Self, loving – working with curiosity and grace to expand this flower

Healing with love – working with intention and kindness we will raise, share and receive healing energy

Generous love – working with altruism and compassion to deepen our practices for self, for others, for all

Love’s magic - Meta-love - working magically and ritually we will seek routes to channel our love energetically to all beings

We will co-create a ceremony to focus our love magic

We will explore links to deeper practices such as Sex Magic etc

We will end with “integration time” where we consciously allow reflections, insights to deepen and settle in us.        Led by Qweaver

Loving Many

Let’s get together to explore the complexities, challenges and rewards of inclusive relationships (ethical non-monogamy, relationship anarchy, polyamory, etc) from a practical perspective. We will engage in smaller groups to discuss topics like consent, jealousy, sex, privilege, radical communication and personal responsibility. Highlights will be shared back to the group to open a wider exchange. You’re welcome with your stories, your successes, your disappointments, your questions, your discoveries. No previous knowledge or experience is necessary to join. Let’s bring the community together, meet each other and, share communication, time management and self-awareness skills.   Led by Calu

Morning Meditations

Each day there will be a different pre-breakfast meditation available, some taken from Osho, some from elsewhere.  Meditations may include;  Mahamudra, Chakra breathing, Quantum Light Breath, Cathartic meditation, Nadabrahma, Kundalini meditation.

Nutruring touch

An invitation to arrive in your body with your body in this place.

We will work with safe gentle touch, starting with self massage and opening the space into giving and receiving. This is an opportunity for you to tune in and explore what you need to help you arrive and be fully present at the start of this collective journey.

Mary will be guiding this session starting with yourself and then opening a space for giving or receiving but without any pressure to do either. You will be encouraged to tune in and explore your own rhythm between being with yourself, giving to another or receiving and to do what is right for you in any moment.     Led by Mary

Opening & closing rituals

We will start the festival on Saturday evening with gentle ways to help everyone arrive and start to feel connected to the place, the people and the energy.  We end the festival by spending Thursday morning celebrating, sharing, grounding and preparing us to leave this special time and place.    (various facilitators)

Queer Sacred Sexual Encounters

Ecstasy is more than simple pleasure. It is also a state of all-encompassing, blissful, timeless presence. When this is experienced in expanded love and connection with others, we can discover our divine selves deeply and beautifully reflected.

This sacred sexual ritual invites your physical body, your divine essence, and those of others, to meet and merge in oceanic consciousness.

Different from a heteronormative, binary gendered and partnered practice, this gentle and loving ritual aims to awaken you to your physical body, your energetic body, and your sexual body, in a shared ecstatic space. We will be meeting the 5 senses one by one - inviting them to awaken and to open, and we will be breathing, moving, touching, and expanding our consciousness into a polyamorous soul-sex-love connection.     Led by Lilith


A mix of individual, partnered and group activities to focus, explore, experience “self, loving”.  It is clothing-optional.

Working intentionally & mindfully throughout, this introductory workshop aims to bring awareness to our current concepts and practices in:

Loving ourselves – working with curiosity and grace to blossom this wondrous flower

Healing through love – working with intention and kindness to develop this for self, for others, for all

Playing with love – working with imagination, feedback & fun to enhance our practices as a gift to self and others

Generous love – working with altruism and compassion to deepen our practices for self, for others, for all.

It will end with “integration time”, an opportunity to reflect and settle into fresh insights.       Led by Qweaver

Sensational Earth

Sensational Earth: Eco-Sex Ritual - Sensational Earth combines the use of ritual and connection; both physical and energetic connections with the earth.  It is part of an experimental series exploring what happens when we combine our sexual energy with earth energy, using the four elements and six senses to open ourselves up to exploration and possibility.  Be it experiencing expansion from gazing at a strong tree trunk or tingles from running some loose grass on your thigh - an activation for Eco-Sexuality may be waiting for you in this space.  There will be an outdoor element to the workshop so please dress appropriately for whatever weather we are gifted with on the day.    Led by Grace

Sensual Jam

During this playful, wholehearted and explorative session we will journey alone, in pairs and small groups to honour our bodies and connect to the gratification of the senses through pleasure. With consent, intention and awareness as a framework and using sound, breath, silence, motion (rising and dropping), touch and words, we will allow pleasure and intuition to guide us into ecstasy and beingness.

After an opening circle, you will be invited to join a series of exercises followed by the opportunity to play, co-create and explore jam-style in a safely held space.

Diversity and boundaries are honoured. Optional genital touch involved.   Led by Calu

Sex Magic Fire Ritual

A led, held and focused ritual where we will connect our sexual energies with the energies of Fire. We will build energy as a group; making a powerful triangular connection between the fire in our bodies, the molten core of the earth and the fire at the centre of our circle. We will experience the wild, transformative power of a large fire, with attendants around the circle to maintain safety and consent and to help focus energy. Participants will raise sexual energy in the ways that they wish, with themselves or with others, while maintaining awareness of their own and others' boundaries and consent. At the end of the ritual the energy will be directed back through the fire to the molten core for the earth's healing.

Come in layers of clothing that can be removed as desired. Blankets, cloaks etc also useful as are water bottles and snacks for afterwards.   Led by Al Head

Shadow Tantra, exploring BDSM as a spiritual path

This is a hands on workshop for people interested in the intersection of Tantra and BDSM, to tend to the relationship with the parts of our erotic expression that scare us, or other people as sites of great energy and transformation. We will look together at how these rich and intense parts of our eroticism feed into our sexuality, consciousness and unconsciousness and our day to day lives. Tessa Wills runs spirituality, arts and eroticism programs in the US and the UK, and will be running a course through July for those who are interested in delving a little deeper. Consider this a sacred container for a safe taster of your own delicious taboo.      Led by Tessa

Such a Slut

We have been told so often that our sexuality is something to be ashamed of, that for many of us this has become a truth. We hide parts of our sexuality in fear of being seen as a slut, or a freak.

This is such a shame, because those parts of ourselves are often so very powerful and full of beauty.

In this workshop we will reconnect with those parts through a guided meditation based on Archetypal work. So come meet your Inner Slut, Freak, Whore, Witch, Goddess, God, Pervert, Parent, or Other, and be ready for that beauty in you to be empowered.    Led by Rosie Heart

Talismanic Sex Magick

Using sexual energy for magick is one of the most powerful acts of manifestation as it involves the whole body, the mind, the spirit, the emotions, and the absolute concentration of sexual energy at the moment of either physical or energetic orgasm.

Having decided on an intention for this ritual, we will design magickal talismans using specific symbols and sigils. We will then take part in a powerful ritual that is specifically designed to bring your intentions into manifestation.

So be careful what you ask for!     Led by Lilith

The Art of Conscious Connection

That moment when we meet with another – professionally, intimately, or in conflict, are you there, really there?

Presence is the most valuable gift you can offer.

That moment you wish to share in conscious connection, with family, friends, beloved or stranger -  who or what do you bring?

Intention allows deeper connection.

Can you bring your truth without shame or fear of rejection?

Setting your clear boundaries is respectful to self and other, and takes conscious connection to the deeper aspects of yourself and expands our potential for deeper meaningful relationships.

This workshop invites us to explore, experience, express and expand into 3 essential elements of intimacy: Intention, Presence and authentic Expression.

During this workshop we work alone, in pairs and small groups to bring awareness to the varying aspects of our being, and invite a more conscious intentional meeting through breath, meditation, movement, reflection, sharing.

We look at what stops us from trusting (barriers) and what allows us to connect (boundaries). We play with asking for what we want and what we are happy to offer in the ‘May I/ Would you’ game. We share those things we believe are ‘just me’, and realise common issues.

Through mindful practice we identify what is alive in us in each present moment – what we bring to each connection and how we can stay centred and connect deeply without giving ourselves away.

This is a safely held fully clothed beginners workshop and is open to all regardless of sameness and difference. Everything I offer is an invitation NEVER an instruction you are supported and encouraged to honour yourself in each moment.

Led by Sitsara

The Art of Conscious Touch

Touch is essential to health and wellbeing, and affects every aspect of human development. Michael Angelo said ‘to touch is to give life’. Regardless of gender, sexuality, orientation, learning how to relate consciously and to give and receive wholesome nurturing sensual touch is essential to all beings.

This workshop follows on from The Art of Conscious Connection. We will re-explore boundaries, presence and intention in pairs and small groups - this time with a focus on conscious touch. We’ll introduce new aspects of conscious communication around expressing boundaries and desires, and delve into Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent with such games as the 3-minute game, and the May I/ Would you structure.

There is space for consensual sexual touch in this workshop. Nudity is welcome.

This is a safely held fully clothed beginners workshop and is open to all regardless of sameness and difference. Everything I offer is an invitation NEVER an instruction you are supported and encouraged to honour yourself in each moment.

Led by Sitsara

The Beginner's Guide to Energy

What is this 'energy' that we talk about? How do we experience it? How do we learn to connect with and align ourselves with it? How do we 'work' it –  contain it, channel it, balance it, build it, ground it, or do any of the others things with it that people talk about! What do we mean by 'sexual energy' and does that differ from 'energy'?

This will be a practical, experiential workshop that will answer these, and more questions by direct experience.      Led by Al Head

The Garden of Earthly Delights Play Party

Join us for an evening of being human, at which all manner of erotic, sensual and kinky play will be welcome!  From total newbie to party slut, you are invited to attend exactly as you are.  We will provide areas for dancing, chilling out, kinky play, sensual and sexy play, and cuddles.  Our gathering will commence with a ‘guided tour’ of the space, followed by an opening circle to gather together our energies and intentions and create a safe container for all.  Party angels will be on hand throughout the night to aid and assist your exploration, and for those new to the delights of kink, some basic instruction will be available.  It is also perfectly fine for you to attend this event purely as a witness.  The choice is always yours…      Led by Rupert

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2017 Programe schedule

* Please note that the final festival schedule may be subject to change although we will aim to maintain the general themes shown here.


Open Spaces

Each afternoon there will be time for anyone to create their own spaces to offer and share skills, abilities, knowledge and more. Perhaps you could offer a story telling session? Perhaps a reiki exchange? Maybe creating a ritual?  How about some music? The space is there for you to use however you wish.


Other Events

As well as the workshops there will plenty of other things going on - Other activities

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